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Off-Theme Presents: Shades of Purple

One unexpected week-long break later (sorry)… in the third installment of Off-Theme, let’s have a taste of a global theme with a rather eye-grabbing set of shades. Its palette sets it apart from many other flat themes, while still taking inspiration from related and influential aesthetics in the Linux theming world.

(In case you don’t know what Off-Theme is, check out the Going Off-Theme introductory post and you’ll be introduced to the series while learning stuff that could come in handy when installing and managing global themes showcased in the series.)

The Plasma desktop themed with Shades of Purple
A desktop themed with Shades of Purple

Complementary: What is Shades of Purple?

Shades of Purple is a global theme based on the Visual Studio Code colour palette of the same name. Created by Eliver Lara of Sweet aesthetic fame, Shades of Purple takes many cues from its more prominent sibling. Both make extensive use of purple shades, use the same icon theme, similar window decorations, and a favor blurs. Shades of Purple however largely eschews gradients and opts for a higher contrast look with deeper purples and brighter yellows, creating a clean and complementary look.

Shades of Purple comes with a bunch of goodies, such as a Konsole colour scheme and a login theme.

Shades of Purple provides a completely new colour scheme for Konsole.
Shades of Purple Konsole colour scheme settings
Login screen with a Shades of Purple theme applied.
Login screen with a Shades of Purple theme applied

Get the Kvantum theme for Shades of Purple from here.


Shades of Purple GTK

GTK3's Theme Factory with the Shades of Purple GTK theme.
GTK3’s Theme Factory with the Shades of Purple GTK theme

Shades of Purple GTK is an optional theme made that allows for GTK3 applications blend in with the system better.

Sweet cursors mouse cursor theme:

Showing all the cursors in the Sweet theme
Sweet cursors theme

Sweet cursors is a theme for mouse cursors from the Sweet theme collection, to match the Candy icon theme also shared by Shades of Purple.

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