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Paul Brown has worked as a tech journalist, specialising in Internet trends and Free Software, for coming up to twenty years. He started writing for the Spanish counter-cultural/hacker magazine @RROBA in 1996, and from there moved on as writer, editor, and later, editor-in-chief for Linux Magazine Spain, Android User Spain, Ubuntu User Spain, Ubuntu User International and Raspberry Pi Geek. He has also contributed articles to Linux Magazine International, Raspberry Pi Geek and many other publications.

From 2014, he works as a communications specialist and helps Free Software companies and non-profits shape effective communications strategies (i.e. he helps them write stuff), which is great, because he can work from home in his pyjamas.

He spends his free time trying to solve Rubik Cube-like puzzles, playing with his 3D printer, and writing fiction and scripts for short films and TV shows that will never get made.

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Fingerprint: 539D9FECB115831B89A15B70620B84D7891E2163