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I’m going to Akademy…

… Which I guess is no surprise, but, yeah, I will be giving two talks this year. In the first, Promo as a Service, my colleague Aniqa and I will be explaining how the KDE Promo team can help improve each of KDE’s projects exposure to the world. More exposure means more users, more sponsors, more contributors.

In Social Media Made Easy, Manav Sethi and I will introduce a little project we have been working on that we hope will contribute to helping communities, projects, companies and individuals to post to a wide variety of social media platforms with minimum hassle. As many of these things, this started out as a “itch-meet-scratch” project, but we hope it will become one of those kick-ass FLOSS projects that becomes the standard by which others are measured.

One can dream.

Everyone is welcome at Akademy, the talks are fascinating, the socialising fun, but you are encouraged to register, something you can do here.