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The Smithsonian’s 40,000 Free Images

The Smithsonian has put online high quality photographs of over 40,000 works belonging to the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.

The works contain high resolution photographs of mainly American and Asian works of art, including images of nearly 2,000 American art objects, over 1,000 ancient Egyptian objects, 2,000 ancient Near Eastern objects, 10,000 Chinese objects, over 2,000 Islamic objects, over 1,000 South and Southeast Asian objects, and smaller groups of Korean, Armenian, Byzantine, Greek and Roman works. The works include painting, prints, sculptures, jewellery, manuscripts, and much more.

Although you are allowed to use the photos for free in non-commercial derivate works, such as for creating computer and phone wallpapers, or on non-profit websites; the terms of the commercial usage of the works (which includes use in for-profit publications, paid apps, TV shows or films) must be agreed on beforehand with the owners of the rights.