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Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) Will Die Without Your Donation

The GPG team is running a donation campaign to keep the project alive. GnuPG keeps your email and communications secure by encrypting your messages and validating signatures.

Up until now the GNU Privacy Guard developers have worked on a very small budget, mostly as unpaid volunteers, but despite how frugal the needs of the project are, it has now reached a point where relying exclusively on volunteer work cannot guarantee its survival.

The team needs to raise 120,000 euros to be able to pay two developers so that they can continue working on the project over the next year.

How GnuPG works.
How GnuPG works.

GnuPG is a complete and free implementation of the OpenPGP standard and uses asymmetric public/private keyword encryption to ensure that messages cannot be spied upon by third parties, or, if using the signature feature, they are not tampered with while in transit.

GPG is an essential piece of software that preserves your privacy and the data integrity of your messages on Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and other operating systems. As it is free software, the code can be audited so as to ensure that it is free of exploitable vulnerabilities and backdoors, making it much more secure than other proprietary alternatives.

If you value your privacy at all, please donate generously now to the project.

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