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DIY Cinematrography with Ritwika Mitra

Whether you’re a budding indie director or just want to make your home videos much more interesting, you should check out Ritwika Mitra’s YouTube Channel.

In her videos, Ritwika explains how to create dollies and rigs, record high quality audio outside, and get the best out of your video equipment, always using stuff you can find around the house or you can build yourself at home.

She explains her techniques in minute detail, in easy to understand tutorials so you can reproduce every step to create the shots you need. You can even learn how to shoot a 3D videos with conventional video cameras and materials you can buy in any hardware store for a few bucks!

Ritwika also co-founded Rennow, a non-profit organisation that helps fund underprivileged artists and artisans around the world. They have helped artists in Romania, India and Bangladesh so far, providing them with money to pay for the tools that allow them to carry out their craft.

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