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OpenAV – Professional Grade Audio Software for Linux

Harry van Haaren is busy developing a modern suite of music software applications for musicians who use Linux and who want to use Free and Open Source software for their creations.

So far Harry has developed Lupp, a music creation tool intended for live use; Fabla, an open-source LV2 drum sampler plugin instrument; Sorcer, a polyphonic wavetable synth LV2 plugin; and ArtyFX, a plugin bundle of artistic real-time audio effects.

As this software is quite new and not included in most of the main Linux distributions, currently installing and setting up the OpenAV suite is not for the faint of heart. The software requires compiling, resolving dependencies, and some rather serious system configuration, especially the audio stack, something that is famously complicated in Linux. Having said that, once set up, the different programs and plugins work very well, are simple and intuitive to use, seem very stable and versatile, and support MIDI. As an example, here you can see how you might use Luppp during a live gig:

Harry needs your support to continue his task of bringing first-class professional-grade audio software to the masses and is currently accepting donations through PayPal, BitCoin and bank transfer. He will also be joining Pling soon, so shortly you will be able to donate and leave feedback through our platform too.

If you need to know more, Harry and his software will be featured in a comprehensive article + interview in the upcoming issue of Ubuntu User, which will be on sale in November. Until then, take a look at the OpenAV site or check out and install the software from Harry’s GitHub.