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Pioneer – A game of lonely space adventure

Pioneer is an open-ended space RPG-adventure game, much in the spirit of Elite and similar classics. You can make a living by trading and transporting material, become a space-pirate, a bounty hunter or a hired gun for one of the many warring factions.

From the site:

»The game is open-ended, and you are free to eke out whatever kind of space-faring existence you can think of. Look for fame or fortune by exploring the millions of star systems.«

Because, here’s the thing, most star-systems and their planets are procedurally generated, i.e., created by the program on the fly. This means you can fly in low, and even land on a planet that nobody has ever visited in the game before, and all the details, landscape, terrain, cities, will be there, waiting for you.

Pioneer is distributed under a GPL v3/Apache license for the code and CC By-SA license for the assets (graphics, sounds, etc.) and is available for Linux and Windows.

You can donate to the Pioneer team directly using PayPal, or contribute a regular amount using Flattr.